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Client Satisfaction Driven Maintenance Services Including Roof Plumbing, Roofing, Roof Stormwater Systems And Cladding 


Regular maintenance and repairs are a good way of prolonging the life of your roof and structure as well as preventing costly major repairs in the future.

Existing assets – either your home, office, or factory require care. Roofing has to cope with the most extreme factors nature has to offer, so earlier preventative maintenance may save your business thousands. For example, storm damage from fallen trees, hail or heavy winds along with the general wear and tear of every day, coastal environments and heavy industry will reduce the life span of some roofing products.

As well as the environment, the addition of penetrations such as flue pipes, vents, air conditioners or even trades causing damage attempting gaining access for pipes or cables may cause water penetration or structural damage. If you have an evaporative air conditioner, the bleed off or overflow can rust out your roof sheeting as well as your roof’s gutters, It can also affect terracotta (clay) tiles! creating further maintenance issues. Roofdex can also assess and fix leaf litter or general litter blockages to help you avoid further guttering system issues.

Roofdex offers a solar panel cleaning service that is done via a reverse osmosis system that assists in maintaining panel cleanliness via having a hydro static effect on the panels. This process is streak free, residue free and uses no chemicals. This process also assists in producing a better result on subsequent cleans.

If you have any concerns regarding your roofing and it’s related systems, give us a call and we can advise or arrange a site inspection.

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